Mexico City is not only the capital of the Mexican Republic and the political, financial and cultural center of the country. It is also one of the largest, most populated and most visited cities on the planet. Mexico City has everything necessary to cater to visitors, whether they're looking for art, culture and entertainment, or visiting the city for business.

Back in the 18th century, Mexico City was called the Palace City, a name that seems well-earned when you take all the archaeological sites, the 17th, 18th, and 19th century colonial period buildings and modern skyscrapers into account. All of this comes together to make Mexico City a unique place to visit.

In the Mexican capital you'll find world-class museums, libraries, government offices and financial centers housed in beautiful buildings both old and new, along with great restaurants and spectacular nightclubs. The fascinating blend of modern architecture and historical monuments give the city the uniqueness that makes cosmopolitan Mexico City stand out.

This energetic metropolis is an incredible place to visit, both for tourists and business travelers. It offers a diverse array of hotels, facilities and world-class services, along with fantastic business and convention venues, ideal for organizing any type of event, congress or convention.

An example of this blend is Paseo de la Reforma, the elegant boulevard home to the Independence Monument, which is more commonly known as "El Angel" (The Angel). The classic postcard image of the city, this beautiful avenue houses modern corporate buildings, embassies, luxury hotels, the Stock Exchange, elegant restaurants, and shopping centers, all on one street.


La Ciudad de México es una urbe con un Mexico City is a cosmopolitan metropolis in which a rich historical past co-exists with the cutting edge technology of modern life. Complete with a wide variety of recreational sites, dining venues, and shopping malls, as well as diverse cultural sites, it is ideal for all types of visitors, whether they are here for business or pleasure. The city has an impressive array of hotels with first-class facilities and services, state-of-the-art business and convention centers capable of receiving multiple groups of any number of people in any kind of event.

Political, Financial and Cultural Center of Mexico

As the nation’s capital, Mexico City is home to the headquarters of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government, making it the political, social and economic heart of Mexico and an attractive place for large global corporations..

Vibrant Nightlife

The nightlife in Mexico City is incredibly diverse, hectic, fun and exciting. It starts late and covers all imaginable forms of entertainment, with everything from small bars to sophisticated and exclusive clubs and live concerts with performances by the most popular stars in the world. In this culturally affluent city ballet, theater, folklore shows, opera and philharmonic orchestras are just as common as nightclubs.  Read more


Mexico City International Airport moves the greatest number of passengers in the country, reaching more than 44 million a year spread over more than 400,000 commercial flights and 26 different airlines. This makes it one of the most important airport hubs in the world. It operates flights to and from the main cities of Mexico, the United States and Canada, as well as with many other destinations in America, Europe and Asia; more than 100 in total. A viable alternative to this transport hub is Toluca Airport, which is just an hour from Mexico City.

In addition to being the largest city in Mexico, the capital also has the highest population density in the country. With seven access points connected to modern highways, the metropolis is within easy reach of surrounding cities like Cuernavaca, Queretaro, Pachuca, Puebla and Toluca.

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Fun and Interesting Activities

Mexico City offers first-class entertainment activities: lots of theaters, fascinating archaeological remains, museums, international cuisine, incredible shopping experiences, stately mansions, colonial neighborhoods, a vibrant nightlife, picturesque plazas, and beautiful parks like Chapultepec. All this, together with its cultural offering and specialist tourist infrastructure, makes it very attractive for the congress, groups and incentives industry.  Read more

Excellent Hospitality Facilities

Mexico City offers varied and well-developed hospitality facilities, complete with meeting rooms and spaces that can accommodate one or many, business or social events. Hotels usually have a banquet service, as well as all the necessary equipment and support materials to cater to the requirements of the participants. Lodging is a service included with the events, and there is something for all preferences and budgets in the city.  Read more

Variety of Dining Establishments

Eating in Mexico City can be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip, as there are places where you can taste food from every part of the world, including, of course, excellent Mexican cuisine. The best International restaurants are located in areas like Polanco, Zona Rosa, San Angel or on Insurgentes Avenue. With thousands of options to choose from, Mexico City has something to cater to all budgets and tastes.  Read more

World Class Shopping

If shopping is your favorite hobby, Mexico City will be like paradise for you, as it is home to huge shopping malls such as Centro Santa Fe, Perisur, Interlomas and Pabellon Polanco that are considered among the best in the world. Here you’ll find departmental stores, boutiques from world-famous designers, jewelry stores and art galleries. In Polanco, an exclusive residential and commercial district, the main streets are filled with elegant luxury shops and boutiques selling exclusive merchandise. Read more

Historical Downtown Area (Declared World Heritage by UNESCO)

Past and present co-exist in the historic downtown area of Mexico City. It features a main plaza complete with a huge national flag, flanked by multiple colonial era buildings, including the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace, with its beautiful Diego Rivera murals and enclosure in homage to Benito Juarez inside. It is the headquarters of a number of government offices.

Other iconic buildings here include the Art Deco-style Palace of Fine Arts, where you can admire works by Mexican muralists and performances by the National Opera, Theater and Dance Companies; the Templo Mayor archaeological site; and modern buildings like the Latinoamericana Tower, a 43-story skyscraper that was once the tallest building in the country.

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Iconic Neighborhoods

Mexico City is made up of countless neighborhoods, but the most interesting and unique are La Condesa and Roma, which used to be inhabited by the upper middle class and foreigners of different nationalities, lending them a cosmopolitan air. The Zona Rosa is another remarkable neighborhood with big mansions that have beeb converted into nightclubs, art galleries and elegant restaurants. Polanco, one of the most exclusive areas of the city, offers elegant boutiques from famous global brands, bars and trendy restaurants, while Coyoacan is home to colorful mansions, lots of cafes, museums, plazas, and gardens. Other notable areas include San Angel, a very chic and elegant neighborhood and iconic Xochimilco, with its rivers and canals that you can explore on a traditional “trajinera” boat.  Read more